Redis client library for Common Lisp, initial version; all < 1.1 API implemented but slow as hell. Functions have the exact name as the Redis command, but with a redis-* prefix. They haven't undergone any other Lispification (not dashes.)


cl-redis-0.01.tar.gz Depends on Usocket, and Babel.


(push #p"/path/to/cl-redis/" asdf:*central-registry*)

(asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op :cl-redis)

(use-pacakge :cl-redis)

(redis-ping) ==> "PONG"

(redis-set "myname" "Happy Joker") ==> "1"
(redis-get "myname") ==> "Happy Joker"

The API is such that all functions expect string arguments, same as the Redis commands. All results are as raw strings, not Lispified yet. Where you see multiple-values, the primary result value is the result of the Redis command, and the secondary numerical value is the CHAR-CODE of the prompt! Currently, it's slow because there is no connection pooling. Every function call establishes a new connection and tears it down upon exit. Horrible.