Mahmud's Hacking Projects

مشاريع حاسوبية وحرف برمجية، لمحمود محمد

[Somali] Mashaaricda Barmajada ee Mahmud

Codes snippets, brief and useless.

Juice Podcast reciever.

CL-Redis: Lisp bindings for Redis

CRedis: Win32 Binaries (old)

How to use the Gordon flash generation library

Java's try-with-resources in Lisp

Complete list of Flash AVM2 opcodes

Undocumented Flash AVM2 opcodes

Multiple Common Lisp Implementations on Win32 + ASDF setup HOWTO

Documentation for the IMAGE 2D library

List of Flash "Actions" that Gordon can/might support (SWF format internals stuff)

How to use the Google Translate REST API (tiny snippet)

Electronic Frontier Foundation Support Amnesty International Support ACLU Slackware Linux ArabEyes: Join the revolution GNU